In the early 90’s, a rotating batch of idealistic musicians formed a band called Guilty Conscience. Driven by songwriters Jim McAllen and Steve McEvoy, they managed to build a small following and played a series of memorable gigs, including Kenny’s Castaways, and the world famous CBGB’s.
But then, as the song goes, – somebody quit, somebody got married… 
The band went by the wayside, but the songs endured; in the form of cassettes, sitting in a dusty box for over 20 years, waiting for someone to come along and set them free.

Fast forward to 2015 – as he was packing up his apartment in anticipation of getting married, Jim came across the box of tapes and discovered an unheard riff, written some 20 years prior by former guitarist John Curran.
Inspired by what he heard, Jim wrote a melody and some lyrics, dedicated to his new wife and the city of his birth. The song, “Long Way from Home” was born.

After some stops and starts, Jim and Steve, along with old friend Tommy Hoban, set out to record Long Way and some of the older tunes. The result is the Malbone Street project.

Named after a subway train disaster in Brooklyn in 1918, Malbone Street is an honest attempt to breathe life into some old songs that were waiting in the dustbin, yearning to be heard.

Grab the headphones, put aside a few minutes of your day and take a ride down Malbone Street.